Claire and Danielle (forever counselors!)

Tammy working on our Time Capsule

Ian not only plays the guitar but is an amazing bird expert!

Looks like the bell rang for lunch!

Ellen is our amazing naturalist and pond life expert!

Camp could not take place without our Jr. Counselors!

Happy Counselors

The Turtle Rescue League shows the campers all kinds of turtles!

Stephen shows the campers some of our animal residents!

Red Efts galore on a rainy day.

Baby bunny waiting to be brought to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Explorer Headquarters!

Aww Crystal gets a bath!

Beautiful Sam, The Crimson Rumped Toucanette

Ellen gets to visit with her grandbaby!

Dino from Nasa talks to the kids about space.

Nasa Display

Time Capsule being buried!

Time Capsule Group Effort!

Our beautiful red shed classroom.

Newest Eagle Scout project for red shed.

Ansel, our axolotl.

Punk, the bearded dragon.


Hot day!

Piggies everywhere!

Hanging out in nature niche!

Camp Director since 2001, Barb Frederick (and Crystal)!

Break Time!

At the visitor center. That’s where all the seed goes!

Now all grown up!

Slimy the White’s Frog. At least 15 years old!

Tiny finch egg.

Visitor Center classroom for the Fledglings.

Dove friends.

Kids get to meet Nibbles, the teaching snapping turtle.

Caroline, director’s dog who loves to be loved! Comes to camp often!

More pics being added daily!