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Event: Ukrainian Egg Decorating (Psanky)

Description: Learn the art of Psanky Egg Decorating from a local artist. Learn the history of how it all started. Create a beautiful, colorful work of art! You will be glad you did and continue to create these beautiful eggs on your own! Classes will be held in the future!

Ukrainian Eggs

Bird House Building at Capen! Programs to be announced!

Scouts Bird House Building Brimfield 2015 Scouts Bird House Building Brookfield 2015 2

Thanks to Alexxia Bell and Natasha Nowick of The Turtle Rescue League for the wonderful program you brought to Capen Hill. Once again you have educated the public on how special turles are and how they need to be protected!

Alexxia and Natasha introducing Nibbles the snapping turtle.

Julie from Berlin getting a lesson on how to properly handle a snapping turtle that needs help crossing the road.


Schools, Scouts, Homeschoolers, and other groups can come to a pondlife program, flower walk, and animal program.

Call 508-248-5516 to reserve a program!