Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary’s 3rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary Fundraiser

Come join us at the Charlton Grange on November 10th, 10 Main Street from 4:30 -7:00  for an all you can eat Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction. This is in honor of all veterans including a past employee of Capen Hill, Ray McDuffie who passed away a few years ago and is truly missed!

 Cost is Adults: $10…Veterans and Children: $5…Children under 3:  free
A limited number of tickets are sold at the door. You can purchase tickets below.
Take Out is also available. You can contact Brig at 508-579-6215 or email capenhillnature Thanks for supporting the sanctuary with this fundraiser and the food is delicious and homemade!
Ticket Purchase

 Dedicated to Preservation and Environmental Education