Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary Science and Nature Camp 2019


Thousands of New England children have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary since
we began our Summer Camp program in 1979.

Capen Hill Nature Camp is a day camp for budding naturalists from 4 through 12 years of age. Do you enjoy being outdoors, going on adventures, exploring the woodlands, discovering animals, tracks, plants, frogs, insects, rocks, minerals, tadpoles, and much more? If you do, join us for an exciting summer. Enjoying, respecting and understanding our environment is what it’s all about.

Sessions run Monday through Friday, culminating in a special closing program for parents each Friday.



Fledgling Campers are 4 and 5 years old (Some five-year-olds attend all day if their parents want them to). They attend a fun-filled ½ day from 9 until noon, with children their own age. A fun book, game, craft, activities, and explorations focus on one aspect of nature each day so each new day brings a new discovery. Fledglings bring their own mid-morning snack, and drink, and leave at 11;45-12:00.


Explorers are 5 (if parents want them to come the full day) through 12 years of age and attend camp for a full day of activities from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. During nature activities, they will enjoy the camaraderie of a small group of friends their own age. They will get to explore pond life, bird watching, visit animals at the Visitor Center, do arts and crafts, learn songs during our music activities, take daily hikes and learn about plants and so much more. Each week we will also have a special guest attend camp. An Explorer’s day will be fun, exploring, discovering, and doing fascinating things throughout Capen Hill’s 86- acre sanctuary.


The Junior Counsel Program is designed for teens 13 years and older. It is a great opportunity for volunteer service if you are ready to start taking on adult responsibilities and acquiring leadership skills. Junior Counselors will assist naturalists with the children’s programs, help lead recreation and learn the fine art of being an instructor. During this program, Junior Counselors enjoy exploring along with the children and lead counselors, but also have the responsibility of an assistant. It is necessary to attend a Junior Counselor training program before camp starts. This will be June 28th from 9-2 at the visitor center. If they can not attend other arrangements can be made. Please fill out the form on the menu.


One Registration Form must be completed for each child attending camp. You may register on this site. Extra Registration Forms are available at Capen Hill’s Visitor’s Center if you prefer a hard copy to send in or print hard copy below.
An Immunization Record must be filled out through your child’s physician’s office and returned to us or a current school copy is also acceptable. Immunization records must be received a week before camp starts unless we are notified. If filling out the registration form below, you may also upload a copy of your child’s immunization record.


Fledglings bring a drink and a snack in a labeled bag. Explorers bring drink, lunch and a snack in a labeled bag. Backpacks are fine because each Explorer will have a cubby.

This is a nature camp. Most activities are outdoors though in very rainy weather campers are inside. Please dress the child accordingly. Bug spray and sunscreen should be applied at home or kept in a backpack where we can help apply it to a camper. Water bottle a must!

“This camp must comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.” Parents or guardians have the right to view background checks, health care, and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing a grievance. Contact the director at (508) 248-5516.

Camp has extended hours until 5:30!!

$6.00/$3.00 for half hour.

You may fill out form for this on the menu below this page.


Our experienced camp counselors guide your child
through a half day or day-long learning adventure.

Camp is 4-one week sessions starting on July 8th.
On going registration throughout the camp season!

Save Time and Register Online (Hard Copy is at end of Page)

Once you finish registering you will receive a confirmation email.

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Camp 2019 Registration Form
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  • Before your child starts camp, we need a copy of his/her immunization record. Form may be mailed to Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary, P.O. Box 218, Charlton City, MA 01508 or emailed to You may also bring the copy of immunizations on the first day of camp!
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    Some 5 year olds may be ready for a full day camp. If this is your child you may pay below as an explorer.
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  • If you would like your child to be placed with friends or siblings of same approximate age, please write information pertaining to this in the box. It helps us out now then to try to place friends together when groups are already designated. If we have a question, we also will contact you. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • Please upload a copy of your child's immunization record if you have not sent it in. Thanks
    I hereby authorize the staff of Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary to act for me in accordance with their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I understand that the director of the camp may, if necessary for my child's health, have him/her hospitalized or use outside medical, surgical or dental care. I hereby waive and release Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary for expenses incurred due to sick illness or accidental injury sustained while participating in camp activities. I also understand that the director and/or camp leaders may dismiss my child from Capen Hill Nature Camp, if, in their opinion his/her conduct or influence is not in the best interest of the entire group. No refund is given if such action is taken for discipline reasons.
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 Nature Camp    Registration Form 2019


Science and Nature Camp Registration Form to print and send to Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary, P.O. Box 218, Charlton City, MA 01508