Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary - Animal Sponsorships
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Animals can be sponsored through this website. Animals are posted with their pictures. It costs $25 for one month (other options as well )and you will receive a 4x6 photo and history of who you sponsor. In return your donation will help pay for the care of this animal. We will post your name on the animal's habitat as well as on this website. If you do not want to be posted just email us at If interested call 508-248-5516 for more information or simply pay via the PayPal button below and you will receive your sponsorship packet. Don't hesitate to pick more than one animal resident! Supplies are expensive and we give them only the best care!

Sponsor sisters Bella and Flower

Sponsorship Choices

Sponsor Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers

Sponsorship Choices

Sponsor Miss Sniffles

Sponsorship Choices

Animal Sponsorship Supporters

Barbara Krajcik of Oxford, MA
Troop 11137 of Sturbridge, MA